Whipped Soap UK

Whipped Soap UK offer a variety of whipped soaps that can be used to gently clean the skin and also as a shaving cream. They produce a rich and creamy lather that leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. Their popularity is constantly growing due to their ability to be personalised and they are ideal for those who want an indulgent experience in the shower or bath.

We stock a range of different whipped soaps, including Shea Butter, Candy Cane and Strawberry Fragrance, to suit all tastes. Each soap is beautifully designed and offers a wonderful scent throw with its unique layering and colours. They are a fun addition to any bathroom and can also be taken away for holidays and short breaks as one pot is enough to fulfil all bodily cleansing needs, saving on luggage allowances.

Our whipped soaps are easy to make, using ready-made lye-free bar soap, shea butter and non-greasy humectants. They can then be personalised with your own colour and fragrance choices, making them completely unique to you. You can also add in essential oils that will boost skin care benefits such as Lavender, which has antibacterial properties and Rose Essential Oil which is high in antioxidants that can hydrate the skin.

To make your whipped soap, start by weighing out all the ingredients you will need before starting. It is important to remember that when making a soap it is best to wear eye and hand protection for safety reasons, especially when working with lye. You will also need a suitable mould to pour/scoop the soap into whilst it sets, such as a wooden mould lined with waxed or siliconised ‘greaseproof’ paper. Alternatively, silicone or other forms of plastic cake-baking moulds and ‘tupperware’ type containers are perfectly suitable too. Whipped Soap UK

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