Why Choose an Australian Travel Agent?

Australia is a traveler’s paradise, but it can be daunting to plan an international trip. With coronavirus rescheduling and airport queues, many Australians are turning back to trusted agents to guide them through what can be a fiendishly complex web of flights, accommodation and fares.

As well as being able to offer personalised, expert advice on the best accommodation, tours and activities in a destination, a professional Travel Agent will be able to save you money, time and stress. They have access to exclusive deals and perks not available online, and can make all the arrangements for you including airfares, transfers and accommodation, so you don’t have to think about a thing!

A professional travel agency will also have the latest industry news and information. They can help you choose the best airlines, hotels and cruises for your budget and interests, and advise on visa requirements, vaccinations and travel insurance. They can even assist with your business travel arrangements and group bookings.

Travel agents can be found nationwide, with some small agencies specialised in specific destinations or niche markets such as weddings and anniversaries. Others specialise in certain types of travel, such as luxury, adventure, family and romantic getaways. The larger chains such as Flight Centre and TravelManagers operate nationally and will have a presence in most regional and metropolitan areas. In contrast, smaller independent travel agents are often based in suburban or rural centres and are specialised in complicated itineraries. Australian Travel Agent

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