Why It Is Important to Hire a Drunk Driving Lawyer

When an individual faces drunk driving charges in New York, it is very important that they hire a lawyer. These are serious crimes that carry stiff penalties, including a jail sentence, driver’s license suspension, and lengthy ignition interlock device requirements. In addition, a conviction will leave a mark on one’s record and make it harder to get a job or rent an apartment. A good lawyer will help minimize the long-term damage of a DUI conviction by pursuing every available legal strategy.

For example, a lawyer may challenge whether an officer had probable cause to pull the driver over in the first place. The attorney will also look at the evidence collected by police, such as blood test results and incriminating statements made during the arrest. If the lawyer can show that any of this evidence was improperly obtained, it may be excluded from the case.

A good New York DUI attorney will take into account all of the details surrounding the client’s arrest, from when they consumed alcohol to how many field sobriety tests were performed. The lawyer will also analyze if any search and seizure issues exist, as officers sometimes violate the constitution when obtaining evidence from the driver’s vehicle or person. The attorney will also rebut any testimony given by the officer regarding the results of the field sobriety test. For example, if the officer says that the driver’s eyes were red, the lawyer will present evidence that shows this could be due to lack of sleep, allergies, or new contact lenses. drunk driving lawyer

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