Why It’s Important to Have a Boiler Service Near Me

Boilers are a reliable and effective heating system, but like any other piece of equipment they are subject to wear and tear. It’s important to have a professional repair any problems as soon as they occur to keep your home warm and avoid costly repairs in the future.

If your boiler is old, you may need to replace some parts. For example, a bad gas valve can be expensive to fix. This is the component that feeds gas directly to the boiler, and if it fails, your boiler won’t start.

Another common repair is replacing the circulator pump, which is responsible for circulating hot water throughout your home. This can cost around $650.

A faulty thermocouple can also be expensive to repair. If the thermocouple is dirty or not aligned correctly, it will fail to sense a flame from your boiler’s pilot light and won’t shut off gas flow. This is a dangerous problem that should be fixed as soon as you notice it.

During a regular boiler service, a certified technician will look at the full list of boiler components to check they are working as they should be. This includes checking the water-level control, low-water cutoff and safety valves. It will also involve firing up the boiler to spot any issues and carry out a general clean.

It’s worth remembering that most manufacturers’ warranties are conditional on the boiler being professionally maintained, usually annually. You can often save money by signing up for an annual maintenance plan, which covers a number of costs including parts and call-out fees. gas boiler service near me

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