Your DWI Attorney

It could be you weren’t swerving or driving recklessly, you may be pulled over for a mechanical problem with your car (for example, a signal light not working, etc.) If then the police officer, upon meeting with you, assumes you have the symptoms of being drunk, there will be further investigation. This is can be a scary moment for you, especially if it is your first stop and it winds up being a DWI.

Each state has its permissible blood alcohol levels for determining who is legally drunk or not, and regardless if it is your first DWI offense, the penalties are not lenient. Although it may be your first DWI, you should retain a DWI lawyer to help protect your rights.

Your DWI attorney can help you regarding:


  • Avoidance of conviction
  • Reducing the consequences of conviction
  • Negotiation of a lesser charge


Though these vary by state, first offenders can be given lesser punishments, for example, driver’s license restrictions, fines, and probation. If you are not a first time DWI, the punishments will be much more severe.

What you have to remember regarding DWI is that it is not merely a traffic violation, it is a criminal offense. The consequences with this type of criminal charge includes a criminal record, substantial fines, restriction of your driver’s license, eventual suspension of your license and jail time. This will affect your family and your job. If you have had prior arrests for DWI, you need an experienced DWI attorney to help protect your rights. personal injury attorney

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