Zip Hydrotap – Pure, Healthy, Crisp Water at the Push of a Button

With more and more research showing the health benefits of drinking water, zip hydrotap is transforming the way Australians live. This revolutionary on-demand boiling and chilled filtered water system provides pure, healthy, refreshing, crisp water at the push of a button, for every occasion.

Unlike traditional hot water tanks, which waste energy heating water that has already been used, a Zip hot water system heats your water on demand, saving you money and time. Zip systems can be installed on the sink alongside your mixer tap or as a stand alone unit with a stylish round drain font, making them a versatile feature in any kitchen.

Available in a range of stylish standard finishes, including chrome and matte black, a Zip water system can complement any kitchen design, from modern to classic. The push button electronic dispenser is sleek and easy to use, sitting discreetly on the sink or benchtop. The system can be customised to match your existing mixer tap or designed as a standalone faucet to suit any island or walk-in pantry.

A key reason for choosing a zip hydrotap is the advanced, environmentally friendly microfiltration technology. The 0.2 micron Zip filter reduces chlorine taste and odour, sediment, cryptosporidium, lead, and is independently tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53.

With a G4 model, the latest version of the zip hydrotap, the energy efficiency is also impressive. High-tech insulation, Power-Pulse electronics and timed power-off modes plus an auto-sleep function help the G4 to keep your electricity costs low.

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