Calling a Commercial Or Trade Printer For Your Corporate Giveaways

Christmas is fast approaching. Take advantage of this season of giving by handing out corporate giveaways with your company’s logo on each item. With corporate gifts, you can provide useful items to loyal consumers and at the same time, promote your company name and products even more.

Two of the main reasons why corporate giveaways are such a hit among business firms are, one, they are functional so people use them regularly, and in effect, constantly reminding them about your company; and next is that they are small mobile advertisements that promote brand recall.

A classic example is the T-shirt. Free T-shirts that bear company logos instantly become mobile ads when the recipients wear them. So you see, corporate giveaways are actually investments. Both parties, the company and the consumers, benefit from this marketing strategy.

Below are a few examples of giveaways that you can get from a local or online commercial and trade printer. There are inexpensive, and more importantly, functional.

1. Sticky notes

Sticky notes have become an office staple due to their practical use. The best part is that they adhere to various surfaces so they make very ideal reminder notes. And since they stick practically everywhere, more people can see your brand name.

2. Large, desk and pocket calendars

Every busy person needs a calendar. With large calendars, they provide enough room for noting appointments, meetings and other schedule entries. A smaller version of this is the desk calendar. Albeit less in size, it shares the same functionality and it also constantly draws attention.

A handy alternative to these wall and desk calendars are pocket calendars. You can use the template of a regular 2″ x 3.5″ business card and place all 12 months within that space. This serves as a quick date reference for people on the go, especially since they conveniently fit into wallets.


It’s a very simple contraption yet very useful for most people. It’s no wonder that this single sheet material has not lost its appeal and has actually evolved into different looks over the years. This would make an interesting addition to your corporate giveaway list.

4. Pocket folders

Pocket folders are the ones that have inner compartments to make sure that no sheets fall off. Letters, reports and other important documents can be easily kept here and the user is sure that these papers stay in place.

5. Stationery sets

Stationeries with logos would somewhat resemble company letterheads, except that they are less formal and they differ in size. It can serve as a good material for casual exchanges and even note-taking.

6. Memo and cubed pads

These two are also considered as office and even home must-haves. They provide a quick solution to sudden needs to jot down notes, or contact details. With memos especially, you can make the sheets ruled for perfectly aligned handwriting.

7. Planners

A commercial or trade printer that produces catalogs can certainly come up with planners. Like calendars, you can consider planners as year-round marketing tools.

Designing one is not so laborious since each page looks practically the same. You can even pre-mark special company dates such as foundation day or annual sale events. objet publicitaire

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