Essential Workout Supplies

A good workout starts with the right equipment, and there’s a wide range of supplies to help you stay healthy, from home gym basics like a workout mat and dumbbells to more expensive accessories like heart-rate monitors. We’ve rounded up the best exercise gear that can be found online, from high-quality brands such as Lululemon and Nike to less familiar options like yoga blocks and Theragun massage guns.

For upper-body strength training, a pull-up bar is an essential piece of equipment for any home gym. You can also use it to attach resistance bands or even superset it with squats, making it a great option for those following CrossFit-style programming.

The gym’s OG equipment, dumbbells allow you to target just about every muscle group. They’re affordable, compact and portable, and they come in a number of styles these days from colorful plastic-coated to straight metal. Choose the weights that suit your strength training goals and space, and be sure to buy a set with a rack to save on storage space.

These small, round discs look a little like Frisbees but are used for feet and hands during exercises to add a gliding surface that engages core muscles and helps with form. Many exercises can be done with them, including lunges, mountain climbers and plank knee tucks, plus they are an excellent addition to core-focused workouts like Pilates or yoga.

You’ll need a sturdy training bench for weight-training exercises, and it should be adjustable to move from a flat position to an incline. Choose one with a built-in backrest for extra support, and look for a design that can fold up when not in use to save on storage space.

If you want to add a little extra challenge or variety to your cardio sessions, a jumping rope is a versatile and fun option. You can use it to do simple cardio moves such as jumping jacks, or you can create more complex exercises with the aid of a fitness partner and various attachments.

A jump rope is a versatile item that can be easily transported and stored in your bag or closet, and it can be used to boost the intensity of cardio workouts or even to improve your flexibility. You can buy specific fitness jump ropes made for training, or you can also just use a long piece of abrasion-resistant rope.

A workout mat is an absolute must-have for any fitness lover, whether you’re planning to practice yoga or a more intense floor exercise such as bootcamp or strength training. Choose a mat that provides a nonslip surface and cleans up easily to avoid any bacteria buildup. workout supplies

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