Flat Head Screws

The flat head screw is one of the most versatile screws you’ll find in a tool box. It can be used in woodwork, furniture assembly and cabinetry. The screw’s flat head sits flush with the product’s surface, which provides a clean and finished look to fastener installation. The screw’s underside is also flat, which allows for a countersunk hole to be drilled into the product, ensuring the heads don’t protrude from the surface.

MISUMI offers a wide selection of flat head screws in a variety of sizes and lengths as well as varying materials. We also offer a large range of drive styles such as regular slotted, Phillips, combination (both slotted and Phillips), hex, hex socket, square, and Torx(r) drives.

When choosing a flat head screw, it is important to consider your application as well as the screw’s threading options. We recommend using our screw selection chart to help determine the correct size and length of screw for your application.

The most common type of flat head screw is the phillips screw. The x-shaped design of the screwdriver head fits into the corresponding x-shaped slot on the screw, providing a tight fit and reducing cam-out. The hex drive screw is another option with similar benefits. The hex socket on the driver has six points that engage the recesses on the screwhead at nearly right angles, which reduces stripping and allows you to apply more torque without the head slipping or turning the wrong way. Flat Head Screws

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