How to Choose Wallpaper for the Bedroom

A bedroom should be the most relaxing space in the home. It’s where we escape to at the end of a long day, so it needs a soothing color scheme and calm pattern. Wallpaper is a great option for achieving this because it’s easy to add pattern to the space without overwhelming it with bold designs. Choosing the right wallpaper for the bedroom depends on how you want to use the room and your personal style.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be a statement maker, it can be subtle and understated if you choose a fabric with a very slight pattern that almost disappears from a distance but adds texture when you’re up close. A striped wallpaper, like this Cole & Son design called Woods, packs an eye-catching punch in this bedroom by contrasting with the rich red of the headboard.

While it may seem counterintuitive to cover your bedroom with something that’s so colorful, using the right wallpaper for a bedroom can actually be calming and relaxing. The right shades of blue, pink and light grey will help your sleeping area feel serene and calming. In addition to the colors, it’s also important to pay attention to the scale of the print. Using a small scale floral pattern is a good choice for creating a feeling of zen because it will be less busy than a larger floral print.

You can also achieve a calming look with a white wallpaper for the bedroom. It’s an easy way to add a subtle touch of color, especially when paired with neutral furniture and accessories. Using a white wallpaper for the bedroom also helps to brighten up the room and make it feel bigger.

If you love a little more drama in your bedroom, consider using a bold wallpaper on just two thirds of the wall. Choosing a wallpaper for the upper portion of the room will still give you a dramatic look and it’s much easier to change than a full-wall printed design if your taste changes over time.

Alternatively, you can go all out and cover your whole bedroom with a dramatic pattern. This look is perfect for an adult space or a kids’ bedroom where you’re willing to take a bit more risk with your design. If you’re going to be doing this, be sure to carefully measure the space first and have a professional installer put up your wallpaper.

When you’re decorating with wallpaper, the sky is the limit on how creative you can be. The more imaginative and unique your wallpaper for the bedroom is, the more impact it will have. Whether you use it in a feature wall, in an alcove or recess, or go all out with a wallpaper that covers your entire bedroom, the options are endless papier peint pour chambre

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