How to Prepare for a Typing Test

Whether you’re looking for work in a call center, typing jobs at the local government or are trying to snag an administrative assistant role, chances are you will have to take a typing test as part of your recruitment process. If this is the case for you, it’s important to practice in order to get a good result.

A typical typing test presents you with a passage of text and asks you to type it within a certain time limit. Afterwards, you’ll receive a report of your words per minute (WPM), the number of errors and an adjusted WPM which is your WPM minus the number of mistakes.

Typing tests are a great way for recruiters to gauge how well you can write and how accurate you are. They are also essential for job roles that require you to input and manage information, such as data entry or transcribing.

When taking a typing test, make sure you have an ergonomically friendly keyboard and monitor setup and are comfortable sitting for the duration of the test. In addition, choose new practice material as often as possible, because you can’t be guaranteed that the test will have similar materials to any you might see during an actual employment interview.

When taking a test, remember to fix any mistakes as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, they will appear as red text and will lower your score. Some common mistakes include doublets, for example huose instead of house and bad ordering where the letter comes too early or late. typing test

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