The Benefits of a Chilled Water Dispenser

Often referred to as water coolers, chilled water dispensers are the perfect solution for organisations seeking a sustainable, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled drinking water. Made in Australia by Zip, the range of taps available are both stylish and sturdy, making them an asset to any workplace.

These machines dispense chilled water via a refrigeration system within the machine, or heated by an integrated electric water heater. They also offer carbonated water via a CO2 cartridge system. Depending on the model, they may be plumbed or freestanding and can be operated by turning a lever or pressing a button.

They operate like a fountain, where guests or employees can fill their own reusable water bottle at the nozzles. These units can be equipped with UV lights to prevent bacteria growth on the nozzles, making them more hygienic for those who use them.

In addition to chilling the water, some models come with a hot tap that dispenses boiling water for cooking or tea making. A 2008 study found that a glass of hot water hydrates the body and provides relief from cold symptoms including a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and chilliness.

A chilled water dispenser also helps to reduce plastic waste. Many people will be able to reduce their dependence on bottled water, and the accompanying plastic wrappers, by using these machines at work and home. It’s important to remember that cold drinking water is not as refreshing if it’s warmer than your body temperature, so be sure to let the water cool down before refilling it. chilled water dispenser

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