Omega Watch Repair – Keeping Your Omega in Top Condition

Omega is a watch brand known for their precision, beauty and history. Their watches have been worn on the moon by Buzz Aldrin, in Casino Royale by James Bond and by Olympic athletes. These fine Swiss-made timepieces, however, need proper care to continue to give you a lifetime of service. It is recommended that Omega watches be serviced every five to eight years. This is true for any quality watch, but especially important for those that are used frequently or subjected to salt water and extreme temperatures.

For those who own an OMEGA, the best thing they can do to keep their precious timepiece in excellent condition is bring it into Ron Gordon Watch Repair, a “certified” OMEGA watch repair shop serving New York City. New Yorkers and people from all over the world bring their OMEGA watches into Ron for inspection, tune ups, and if needed, repairs. People inherit their OMEGA watches from their parents and grandparents, they buy them secondhand on eBay or from a dealer in pre-owned Omegas, and they find them in forgotten drawers and attics.

Whether you have a vintage Omega or a newer one, Ron’s expert technicians can help you keep your watch in tip-top shape. He and his team will take the watch apart, clean each piece individually in ultrasonic chemical baths, and then reassemble it using only genuine parts, lubricated with oils and greases specially designed for watches. They will adjust the movement’s accuracy to Omega standards and perform a series of tests to ensure the watch is operating correctly.

The final step is refinishing the case and bracelets. This process removes nicks, scratches and discoloration from the surface of the metal, making it look as good as new. A few rounds of polishing and refinishing will restore the shine to the watch’s face and band. The finished watch will then be carefully reassembled and re-tested.

On average, an Omega watch with a non-chronograph movement will cost around $650 to service. Prices vary depending on materials, caliber type and the specific services required. Watches made from precious metals require more extensive work to repair and will therefore cost more than those that use non-precious materials.

Keeping your Omega in top condition will help you to get the most out of this high-end timepiece, and it will also protect your investment. The most common repairs on Omega watches include replacing the battery, repairing the crown and pushers, cleaning and refinishing the case, movement, dial and bracelet, and reassembling the watch. Ron Gordon is a New York City based professional watch repairman, certified by Omega and other watch brands to provide the finest repairs and customer service available. He has been repairing watches since 1978 and is considered to be the “go-to guy” for high-end repairs. For more information about his services, please contact him directly. He can be reached at 212-754-9800. You may also visit him in person at his shop located in Midtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station. Omega watch repair

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